learn how to  be ON when you are ON...

  • Camera
  • Book Tour
  • Press Interview
  • Networking Party
  • Red Carpet
  • TED Stage
  • Press Conference
  • Board Room
  • Shareholder Meeting
  • Pitch Meeting
  • Conference Stage
  • Panel Discussion
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Sales Road
  • Product Launch
  • Leading Team


Nothing gives us greater joy than to travel the world and share our knowledge with others. This is where our entertainment experience fuses with our executive coaching to produce an experience that truly goes to work for our participants. Here are some of our most popular workshop offerings, which can be mixed, matched, and tailored to suit your unique needs.

Intensive Media Training And Presence Development


These workshops are favorites for networks and film studios. Learn how to be authentic to yourself and your fanbase while still being compelling and focused on delivering your promotional message.

Put Your Personality Brand To Work: Your Message, Your Style, Your Voice


How consistent are you from one “audience” to the next, in your social media, email, meetings, presentations, and even social life? How can you find, develop, and utilize your voice in the most impactful, memorable, and consistent way? Establish an accountability plan to sustain and continue growth!

Executive Presentation Skills Workshop


This workshop is designed to equip busy corporate executives with high-level boardroom presentation skills, along with personalized coaching, to enhance professional presence and speaking style as part of their ongoing leadership development goals. We apply our experience working with high profile celebrities and top-notch executives to bring out the leader in YOU! This workshop applies the secrets of Hollywood to your leadership presence. Manage your fear, develop your unique style, leave a lasting impression and understand the art of crafting and delivering a compelling call to action.

Move Your Main Stage Talk And Your Career To The Next Level


Explore how to springboard your 18 minutes of fame into long-term benefits. In addition to the TED and TEDx events, there are big stage events that can be a pivotal moment for you to follow-up on your big talk presence by communicating with key individuals, setting up meetings, pitching presentations, and nurturing next steps in your career. Learn how to ride the TED Talk wave.

Take Out The “Freak Out” In Your Speaking


Lights, camera, action! Does the thought of speaking to a live audience or standing in front of a camera make your stomach turn? Learn usable on-camera and in-person presentation skills, as well as personalized coaching to enhance your individual presence, confidence, appeal, and speaking style. You’ll learn the tricks of celebrity clients to create a powerful and lasting impression in a supportive environment. We’ll give you helpful feedback that’ll put your mind at ease.

Sell Your Story, Not Your Soul: Learn The Art Of Authentic Self Promotion


What’s the secret to optimizing a media appearance? How can you get booked for a press interview? The answer is simple. You have to sell your message. You don’t have to sell your soul to sell your product… even if your product is YOU! It’s called the Art of Authentic Promotion.

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