The Right Environment for Learning

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As an Executive Coach, I work frequently with Center for Creative Leadership at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is my honor to sit across the table from high-level executives, interpret their data with/for them and create a coaching plan that is both manageable and holds them accountable for their development. Eckerd College’s tagline is “Think Outside,” and we do that both literally and figuratively.

With the intercostal right outside of the window, dolphins and sailboats frequently join our hours-long coaching sessions. Often, they become metaphors for change and growth bouncing between the planned and the unplanned growth curve of executives in today’s transparent 24/7-business world.

Many of them work in high-rise buildings, eat lunch at their desks, and the idea of walking outside never has the chance to cross their minds…until we are together.

We may do walking-feedback or planning, face outside, or regulate their relationship with conflict while using every tool around us. That includes the many assessment tools that we are there to interpret, as well as the natural elements that are “invisible” everyday in their daily workday.

Inevitably I hear, “I need to add elements that I love outside to my work environment. I think more clearly in the sunshine!”

What is your “right” environment for learning? We can all take a pace from the Eckerd’s Leadership Development Institute and apply that outside thinking to our inside offices.

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