Nurse Barb Volunteers in Africa

Nurse Barb has been invited to volunteer and learn from the staff at the FAME clinic and hospital in January. They’re a non-demonational hospital and clinic where the emphasis is respecting the expertise of the local Tanzanian physicians, nurses and health care workers and helping when asked. FAME is a fantastic organization doing great work in Africa. Please follow this link if you would like to learn about them!

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Nurse Barb Visits Honduras

What does it take for a Nurse Practitioner to drop everything to provide healthcare for those in need in Honduras? Just a simple ask. Nurse Barb couldn’t have been happier with a backpack, an affiliation with a local organization, a guide, and patients to care for. Honduras highlight? Caring for the nuns who haven’t been seen by a healthcare practitioner in a decade. Next time, she says that we get to go along!

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