Opportunity in the Air

Working with a fun client like Dr. G, there are opportunities everywhere!  Including in Tampa, where we not only played an excellent game of darts, but met with Spectrum TV to discuss some upcoming projects.  Located right in the hub of Tampa with the looming cruise ships just-over-there, it was the right environment for co-creating a vision with Dr. G at the center.

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Creative Lab, Christel Nani

There is nothing more inspiring than gathering 12 respected colleagues into a room to creative think-tank a client.  Hats off to Christel Nani and her posse for allowing her gifts and flaws show in a room full of caring strangers.  Not an easy task, unless you are someone who is unflappable, open to the process and looking forward to a BIG future!

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Superstar Communication Workshop companion book, “The Everyday Celebrity” (in Mandarin) due out September 2016

Media 2×3’s first book is due to be released in September 2016 by Commonwealth Publishing. Taking an unusual twist the book will first be released in Mandarin with an English version to follow. As new workshops continue to be secured for AsiaWorks in various different markets, the partners of Media 2×3, Adora English and Jess Ponce, expect the release of this new book to be an exciting new chapter for the company and it’s clients.

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