Shirley Bovshow is Creating Simple, Down to Earth Beauty with Media 2×3

Media personality and garden designer, Shirley Bovshow, is harnessing her brand to bring hope, empowerment and beauty to a wider bi-lingual audience. She’s more than just an expert on plants, outdoor spaces and venues for celebrations – she’s someone who knows how to create down-to-earth beauty. She’s working with Media 2×3’s brand management team to bring her special gift to the masses. This includes endorsements, speaking engagements, new media opportunities and exciting can’t-tell-you-yet ventures. Stay tuned!

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Sex Expert, Nikky Prause, joins Media 2×3’s Roster of Expert Talent

What do orgasms have to do with attention deficit disorder? The answer may surprise you. Fascinating and sometimes misunderstood facts about sex and our bodies are the forefront of Dr. Nichole Prause’s research. Her mission: The freedom to desire. She’s teamed up with Media 2×3’s management team to take her platform to the next level with speaking engagements, media opportunities, endorsements and more.

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Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor” wins big with a little help from Media 2×3

The creative team behind Disney’s Channels new animated series gets their message on point with media coaching from Media 2×3. The first series of its kind, this program showcases a diverse magical kingdom and the adventures of teenage Latina princess, Elena, as she discovers her own powers of resilience and compassion. An innovative program on various levels, Elena of Avalon is hitting the mark and winning big with audiences.

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