Sex Expert, Nikky Prause, joins Media 2×3’s Roster of Expert Talent

What do orgasms have to do with attention deficit disorder? The answer may surprise you. Fascinating and sometimes misunderstood facts about sex and our bodies are the forefront of Dr. Nichole Prause’s research. Her mission: The freedom to desire. She’s teamed up with Media 2×3’s management team to take her platform to the next level with speaking engagements, media opportunities, endorsements and more.

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Dr. G hits 50,000 Followers!

In working with Dr. G, we have learned that for this goal-oriented superstar client, all she needs is a goal to strive for.  This week, she hit her own personal goal of 50,000 Twitter followers and isn’t stopping there!  She’s already raised her own bar as a parenting influencer, and continues to crank out content between her OWN parenting, her patients, and her in-demand work as parenting and youth development expert, Dr. G.  Congratulations Dr.

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What Makes a Speaker a HIT with the Audience?

Having just returned from a conference with 12 speakers, five of which are world reknown, it gave me the chance to test my theory.

I had my usual backstage pass taking care of the speakers before they went on, and the opportunity to watch the faces of the audience as they experienced each speaker. What was it that got the audience to write down the golden nuggets they heard? Even more telling, what did they remember or repeat in a social media post about that speaker? And with so MANY speakers, whose names

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