Zooming at NASCAR

What do you get when you get top NASCAR Executives, who are used to working at 165 mph (literally AND figuratively) in a workshop to work on their presentation and media skills?  An action-packed collaborative team-building environment infused with energy and an eagerness to do professional development in a whole new way.  Special thanks to the teams from Charlotte, NC and Daytona for pushing themselves to new limits!

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Media 2×3 Presents an Evening with a Medical Intuitive with proceeds benefiting OneOrlando Fund

Once a producer, always a producer… and that is exactly what the Media 2×3 event planning team did brilliantly in Orlando. Led by partner, Adora English, they brought together local residents, business executives and community influencers for a special evening with proceeds benefiting OneOrlando Fund. Center stage was medical intuitive, Christel Nani, whose unique outlook and approach challenged audiences to unlock the algorithm for happiness.

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Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor” wins big with a little help from Media 2×3

The creative team behind Disney’s Channels new animated series gets their message on point with media coaching from Media 2×3. The first series of its kind, this program showcases a diverse magical kingdom and the adventures of teenage Latina princess, Elena, as she discovers her own powers of resilience and compassion. An innovative program on various levels, Elena of Avalon is hitting the mark and winning big with audiences.

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