Flip-Flop Dress Code

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The International Nanny Association is celebrating their 30th Annual Conference this year in Cancun, Mexico.

INA Keynote Speaker? Media 2X3 client, parenting expert Dr. G!   Making her third appearance at the INA’s National Conference, Dr. G strongly believes in supporting the men and women who are extensions of families through in-home child care. And to present in flip-flops? THIS was a dream!

INA Breakout Speaker? Media 2X3 partner, Jess Ponce! Discussing “Your Seductive Offer: Creating a Brand Identity that Sets Your Business Apart from the Rest,” Jess shared valuable branding, marketing and messaging information to the group.

A big thank you to the INA team who organized the conference, and to the hard working childcare professionals who continue to learn and grow on behalf of parents everywhere!

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