Be bold. Be heard. Be admired.

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I had the pleasure of speaking with some marketing classes this week about how to best bring out their star qualities. When someone who was very quiet raised her hand for a question, she apologized profusely for asking even before she asked the question. I had to seize the moment and get her out of her comfort zone of “I don’t deserve to be heard.” This was an on-the-spot coaching opportunity, and with her permission, I brought her to the front of the room.

Her nervous smile revealed what we all knew, she did not like attention and preferred to hide among the masses. With some gentle coaching and a lightness in the moment, I worked with her on what “being bold” could mean to her quiet persona.

To me, everything we put out into the world is now considered “media.” Social networks, email, texting, video, content that we curate are all forms of how we tell the world who we are, what is important to us, what we value, and what we stand for. But what if we don’t know ourselves? It was a valid question asked by this quiet student.

There are three elements that create the components of “fame.”

Press worthy moments   For a celebrity, press worthy moments may be a project they are promoting or involved in, a moment in their personal life or just something they’ve done to draw attention (intentionally or unintentionally) to themselves.   For the rest of us, our press-worthy moments are the headlines of your life, the things you choose to post on your social. It could even be something you did that was caught on camera by a friend, then posted online. How will you react to that post, that event, that piece of news that is put out there about you?

Guts  Will you have the heart and guts to own that moment? Sometimes, it is hard to look in the mirror and truly SEE what is there. It’s not always pretty, but the facts are the facts. Have the guts to own this moment and not go underground until it passes.

Having a strategy  Celebrities hire the best publicists in the world to create a strategy, and act as their buffer to the world of media. They are worth every penny, and we can learn from their thinking and handling of the situation.

In the non-celebrity world, you must capitalize on the available assets to think through any response. Circle the wagons with a couple close colleagues or friends, and ask for help in brainstorming the strategy to address the headline worthy incident. Play out every scenario, including worst-cast. Be ready for anything to come your way by thinking it through strategically.

The quiet student surrendered to the idea that for her to be respected by her peers, she had to be more bold and take a chance in sharing more of herself. She would not be heard if she did not put herself out there more often with strong opinions, statements and transparency.

Celebrities know this, they live it. But each of us can learn from their experience in how we approach the headline worthy moments in our lives that put us under the spotlight in our own circles. Headlines + Guts + Strategy = Bringing out your own star qualities for all to admire.

Be bold. Be heard. Be admired.

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