How would YOU rate your public speaking skills? What do celebrities know that you can learn from? Self-perception is truly the first place to look when creating a presentation. Yes, this means before you create the content! Ask yourself, “How do I feel when I am normally around this group?” If your answer is that you feel empowered by them, like you are an expert in your area, then chances are that will carry over into your presentation. If there are a few people in the group that make you nervous, or that may question your authority, that can easily

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Zooming at NASCAR

What do you get when you get top NASCAR Executives, who are used to working at 165 mph (literally AND figuratively) in a workshop to work on their presentation and media skills?  An action-packed collaborative team-building environment infused with energy and an eagerness to do professional development in a whole new way.  Special thanks to the teams from Charlotte, NC and Daytona for pushing themselves to new limits!

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Media 2×3’s East/West Connection Continues with the Mandarin Release of “The Everyday Celebrity”

The Everyday Celebrity is here… and it’s Mandarin! Being released first in Taipei, this is also the first book for Media 2×3 partner, Jess Ponce. Written in collaboration with Asia Works consultant, Emily Liu, this book taps into the star quality found within. Every one of us, like celebrities we admire, is longing to be seen– to be recognized. The Everyday Celebrity reveals tips and suggestions on how to achieve this without learning to speak or be anything different than their true authentic

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