Media 2×3 Expands Presence in Asia

AsiaWorks Communication WorkshopMedia 2X3 expands it’s partnership with AsiaWorks by securing three Superstar Communication workshops for 2016. Representing Media 2×3’s effort to bring unique media-integrated coaching skills to the international cooperate market, partner, Jess Ponce will be facilitating these two-day immersive learning experiences. AsiaWorks is putting muscle behind their marketing efforts with this new promo video aimed at getting the word out in both Taipei and Hong Kong. There are exciting new developments on the horizon for years to come and

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Be bold. Be heard. Be admired.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some marketing classes this week about how to best bring out their star qualities. When someone who was very quiet raised her hand for a question, she apologized profusely for asking even before she asked the question. I had to seize the moment and get her out of her comfort zone of “I don’t deserve to be heard.” This was an on-the-spot coaching opportunity, and with her permission, I brought her to the front of the room.

Her nervous smile revealed what we all knew,

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