“Charlie Charlie Challenge” on GMA with Dr. G.

It was a quick turnaround from Pittsburgh to New York with less than 24 hours notice, and worth the adventure! Parenting Expert, Dr. G, addressed the latest kid craze, the Charlie Charlie Challenge with the GMA hosts answering;

  • How do we talk to kids about the latest social media dare or craze?
  • How can they learn to be a little skeptical, and keep themselves safe?

Way to go, Dr. G!

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Superstar Communications

Media 2X3 partner, Jess Ponce, traveled halfway around the world to Taipei for an incredible few days of leading a professional development workshop, Superstar Communications with Asia Works.   Complete with interpreter and immersive learning experiences, Jess embodied powerful presence as he taught it! A special thanks to Emily Liu of Asia Works for hosting and coordinating this incredible experience for Media 2X3!

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Nurse Barb Visits Honduras

What does it take for a Nurse Practitioner to drop everything to provide healthcare for those in need in Honduras? Just a simple ask. Nurse Barb couldn’t have been happier with a backpack, an affiliation with a local organization, a guide, and patients to care for. Honduras highlight? Caring for the nuns who haven’t been seen by a healthcare practitioner in a decade. Next time, she says that we get to go along!

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